Class Title: Revenue Processing Technician III
Title Code: 7643
Semi-Monthly Salary: $1,065.00 - $1,688.00
Pay Range: 3
Overtime Code: 2


This is senior-level technical, supervisory, and/or public contact work in the Missouri Department of Revenue reviewing and processing applications for a variety of motor vehicle titling, registration, driver licensing transactions, business tax, individual tax, tax returns, and/or related documents.

This description may not include all of the duties, knowledge, skills, or abilities associated with this classification.

Job Duties:

Provides assistance in the overall supervision of a technical unit in an assigned section and assists in coordinating workflow.

Monitors work of new employees and lower-level Revenue Processing Technicians for an assigned work unit in the section through review of work, audits, and/or reports, using knowledge as subject matter expert to increase accuracy and production;provides training and/or assistance to lower-level Revenue Processing Technicians.

Updates, writes, and/or recommends procedures and manuals for the assigned area in a timely manner; develops and maintains technical manuals and training guides.

Conducts group meetings with employees to relay information and discuss work issues impacting their assigned unit.

Researches, reviews, approves, or denies, within level of authority, compromise offers, partial pay agreements, bond waivers/cancellations/forfeitures/refunds, exemptions, and refund requests; monitors accounts as required.

Monitors and tracks new job training credits and works closely with the Department of Economic Development (DED) and Division of Workforce Development (DWD) to ensure accuracy of credits.

Participates in interviews of candidates for vacant positions.

Performs Custodian of Records duties; prepares documentation to be used in proceedings for the Administrative Hearing Commission (AHC); and testifies as requested by the AHC.

Maintains accounts and systems based on reports, requests, notices, correspondence, or other output generated from internal/external customers and departmental systems; utilizes specialized accounting programs and banking procedures related to or required by specific fund or commission requirements in order to process fund transfers and disbursements.

Reviews invoices for accuracy; researches and resolves complex or highly technical account inquiries, corrections, or processing issues; and researches and responds to case questions, walk-in customers, telephone calls, and work problems forwarded from lower-level Revenue Processing Technicians.

Separates and batches applications, forms, and other documents to prepare for mailing, shipment, or further processing; distributes or assigns work to lower-level Revenue Processing Technicians.

Responds to complex or highly technical inquiries regarding policies and procedures; processes difficult and/or complex transactions.

Prepares and reviews documents for processing and enters transaction data, applications, returns, payments, and permits into the appropriate computer system, ensuring all necessary information is correct and complete and all supporting documentation is attached.

Records and reviews charges, adjustments, and receipts to subsidiary accounts receivable ledgers, balances subsidiary ledgers to the controlling account, prepares certifications for collection of delinquent accounts, and prepares daily report on collections.

Participates on test teams and/or serves as a test team leader to evaluate the effectiveness of form revision and computer system changes for the assigned area.

Remains current on policies, procedures, laws, rules, regulations, statutes, computer systems, and software applications in order to provide proper records, licenses, permits, identification cards, and returns incompliance with statutory requirements and state and federal regulations.

Works independently in the performance of assigned responsibilities within established guidelines; receives general supervision.

Performs other related work as assigned.

Key Skills:

Comprehensive knowledge of the policies, procedures, and operations of the Department of Revenue.

Comprehensive knowledge of laws, statutes, rules, and regulations applicable to the assigned area.

Comprehensive knowledge of computer systems and software applications utilized by the assigned area.

Intermediate knowledge of basic bookkeeping and accounting principles and practices.

Intermediate knowledge of office practices, procedures, and equipment.

Introductory knowledge of the principles of supervision and training.

Ability to provide training and/or assistance to lower-level Revenue Processing Technicians.

Ability to organize work activities to achieve established goals and objectives.

Ability to make decisions in accordance with established guidelines.

Ability to operate a computer terminal, personal computer, and standard keyboard with speed and accuracy.

Ability to communicate effectively and prepare clear and concise reports.

Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with other employees, customers, and the general public.

Minimum Qualifications:

Applicants must meet one of the following eligibility requirements:

Two or more years of experience as a Revenue Processing Technician II, Tax Collection Technician II, or Telephone Information Operator II (Revenue) with the Missouri Department of Revenue; and possession of a high school diploma or proof of high school equivalency.


Four or more years of experience in licensing, registration, collections, tax preparation, tax processing, accounting, bookkeeping, auditing, or closely related work; and possession of a high school diploma or proof of high school equivalency.

(Earned credit hours from an accredited college or university with specialization in Accounting, Finance, Business or Public Administration, or a closely related area may substitute on a year-for-year basis for the required experience at a rate of 30 earned credit hours for one year.)

(Minor Revision 6/1/14)