Class Title: Tax Season Assistant (Temporary)
Title Code: 9758
Overtime Code: 2


This is entry-level technical work reviewing and processing tax returns and/or related documents in the Division of Taxation of the Missouri Department of Revenue.

An employee in this temporary position makes routine technical determinations in an assigned tax area based upon established procedures. Work involves reviewing tax returns and/or related documents for completeness; calculating tax adjustments, refunds, credits, interest, and/or penalties; accessing taxpayer records and entering information into computerized tax systems; providing assistance to taxpayers and responding to routine inquiries. General supervision is received from a higher-level Tax Processing Technician, or other designated superior, who reviews work for accuracy and adherence to established guidelines.

This description may not include all of the duties, knowledge, skills, or abilities associated with this classification.

Job Duties:

Develop and maintain positive relationships with the public and fellow workers in order to advance department goals and minimize negative feedback.

Adhere to all laws, rules, and policies in order to demonstrate support of government and administrative systems and appropriate leadership qualities.

Review tax returns and/or related documents in order to ensure proper completion of forms, attachment of supporting documentation and accuracy of mathematical calculations; make necessary corrections to tax documents.

Calculate tax adjustments, refunds, credits, interest, and/or penalties according to established procedures.

Issue notices of tax refunds, credits, billings, assessments, and/or liens.

Provide assistance to taxpayers in the preparation of state tax returns and related documents.

Respond to routine inquiries regarding policies and procedures of the assigned tax area.

Review and approve or deny requests for extension of tax deadlines according to established guidelines.

Review and approve or deny applications for sales tax exemptions according to established guidelines.

Review applications for registration of businesses for sales, use, income, and withholding taxes; determines bond requirements according to established guidelines.

Identify out-of-state businesses operating in Missouri; review tax records to determine the existence of state tax obligations.

Review tax records to determine if all state taxes have been paid; issue tax clearance notices.

Review federal match listings to identify non-filers of Missouri state tax returns.

Review and recommend approval or denial of taxpayer requests for payment plans on delinquent tax accounts; monitors payment agreements and notify taxpayers of default conditions.

Post payments to appropriate tax accounts; process checks for deposit and prepares revenue transmittals.

Access taxpayer records and enter information into computerized tax systems.

Maintain a working knowledge of laws, regulations, policies, procedures, and guidelines applicable to the assigned tax area.

Prepare and submit daily production reports.

Perform other related work as assigned.

Key Skills:

Working knowledge of the policies, procedures, and operations of the Division of Taxation.

Working knowledge of statutes and regulations applicable to the assigned tax area.

Working knowledge of computer systems utilized by the assigned tax area.

Working knowledge of basic bookkeeping and accounting principles and practices.

Working knowledge of office practices, procedures, and equipment.

Ability to make routine decisions in accordance with established guidelines.

Ability to comprehend and follow detailed instructions.

Ability to perform mathematical calculations with speed and accuracy.

Ability to work rapidly and accurately in processing a volume of documents.

Ability to operate a computer terminal, personal computer, and standard keyboard with speed and accuracy.

Ability to communicate clearly and concisely.

Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with other employees, taxpayers, and the general public.

Minimum Qualifications:

(The following requirements will determine merit system eligibility, experience and education ratings, and may be used to evaluate applicants for Missouri Uniform Classification and Pay System positions not requiring selection from merit registers. When practical and possible, the Division of Personnel will accept substitution of experience and education on a year-for-year basis.)

One year of clerical or related office experience with the Missouri Division of Taxation.


One year of experience in tax preparation, processing, review or collection; accounting, auditing, bookkeeping or closely related work; and graduation from a standard high school or possession of a G.E.D. certificate. (College course work with specialization in accounting, finance, business or public administration, or closely related areas may be substituted on a year-for-year basis for the required experience.)

(Revised 11/01/15)