Important Information for Dealer License Renewal and Original Application:

A dealer renewing or obtaining their initial Missouri Dealer License must obtain a criminal record utilizing the Missouri State Highway Patrol’s Missouri Automated Criminal History Site (MACHS). This site can be accessed at

Upon registering with the MACHS system, a personal account will be created within the system for you. The criminal record response will be sent directly to your account in the MACHS system. MACHS will only retain the criminal record for thirty (30) days. After thirty days, MACHS will archive the record and a new criminal record request must be made. You must retrieve the results from your account and provide them with your renewal application. A name-based criminal history record is required for each owner listed on the dealer license application and must have been issued within six months of the issuance or renewal of the dealer license.

Dealer number:
Application year:
Application type:
Any dealer license renewal application received prior to September 23, 2013 will not be in the system.
The Dealer Licensing Section reviews dealer renewal applications in the date order received. We are currently reviewing applications received 8/29/2016.
This is the most current up-to-date information. Please do not contact the dealer licensing section to ask the status of your dealer license renewal application; the people answering the phones won't have any information beyond what is on this system.