This online application is designed for the ordering of personalized plates for standard personalized plates only. After you successfully complete this reservation application, do not submit a paper application for this standard personalized plate order. If you are interested in applying for a personalized specialty plate (disabled, approved organization or military), you cannot use this online application. You must use Form 570, Form 1716 or Form 4601 and apply at your local license office. The forms can be located at dor.mo.gov/forms/.
To commemorate Missouri’s 200th anniversary of statehood, Missouri citizens will receive a new Bicentennial license plate design to replace the current ‘Bluebird’ license plate beginning October 15, 2018. Personalized plates ordered online up to midnight on 8-28-2018 will be manufactured in the ‘Bluebird’ design and must be picked up from the office no later than 10-14-2018. Personalized plates ordered beginning 9-1-2018 will be manufactured in the new Bicentennial design and cannot be picked up until after 10-15-2018 once notification is received the plates are ready to pick up.


You must provide a brief explanation of the meaning of the plate configuration.