This application is only for individuals in the military who are stationed in Missouri or have a Missouri home of record and are not required to file a Missouri income tax return. By submitting this document, you are notifying the Missouri Department of Revenue (Department) that you are not required to file a Missouri income tax return.

If you received a notice from the Missouri Department of Revenue requesting you file a Missouri return, this application cannot be used. The confirmation received does not confirm your filing has been accepted.

If you had Missouri tax withholdings and want to claim a request for refund, you must complete a Missouri tax return. Submitting this online form does not constitute a valid request for refund.

Enter the requested information into the fields below if you (and your spouse, if filing a combined federal return) are not required to file a Missouri return for a particular tax year. If you are uncertain if a Missouri return should be filed, please visit our website at for more information. This application is available for tax years 2007 and forward.

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Military Tax Status


Missouri Home of Record
I did not at any time during the above referenced tax year maintain a permanent residence in Missouri nor did I spend more than 30 days in Missouri during the year.
I did maintain a place of abode in the state/country of
Non-Missouri Home of Record
I resided in Missouri during the above referenced tax year solely because I was stationed at
on military orders.

My home of record is the state/country of
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